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A Strange Pair - Charlene Van Buekenhout and Kevin Klassen
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Blithe Spirit 1
JUMPERS -Kevin Klassen, Michelle Boulet_edited
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Poet and the rent-David Mamet 3 (2008)
Poet and the rent-David Mamet-1 (2008)
LULU 2012
LULU 2012 -2
Smell 2
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We are trying to update our content and  style situation. Below are some projects from the past. New stuff? I'm working as fast as my slow tech and time will let me. Look under Projects or Shows for recent stuff.
Marsii! Charlene

Imagination Situation

July 14, 2020

Sidney has been in self isolation with her family for 4 hundred and 23 thousand hours (it feels like!) and she’s getting bored. Boredom is ok and can sometimes help spark imagination, but for Sydney, her spark has maxed out.


Luckily Ellie and JoJo, two front line workers in the imagination department of Sydney’s brain have called an emergency, yet physically distant, team meeting to help Sydney get her groove back.

HAMLET (the rest is silence)

January 22, 2020

Six different actors take turns inhabiting the role of Hamlet in this one-person-plus-visuals-plus-audience adaptation, set in the intimate dining room of Dalnavert Museum. From the company that brought you Hedda Gabler, A Strange Pair, Blithe Spirit, The Skriker, Playing For Time, Poet And The Rent and Jumpers.



Jordan Sangalang (Jan 22, 23, 24 ASL ONLY), Harry Nelken (Jan 26,27,28), Marsha Knight (Feb 1,2,3), Angela Chalmers (Feb 6,7,8), Charlene Van Buekenhout (Jan 25, 30, Feb 4), Kevin Klassen (Jan 29, Feb 5.9)

“Local stage veteran Kevin Klassen cleverly deconstructs and reassembles Hamlet in this intensely compelling take on Shakespeare's great tragedy.” – Joff Schmidt, CBC Radio, 4 Stars

“Utterly unique” – Lara Rae, Winnipeg Free Press, 4.5 Stars  


January 25, 2020

Shakespeare's shocking and tragically relevant exploration of racism, misogyny, sisterhood and jealousy.
Director: Brenda McLean
Cast: Liam Zarillo, Kevin Klassen, Marie Kozyra, Olivia Raine, Ray Strachan, Haley Vincent
& echotheatre.net
"'Tis not a year or two shows us a man: they are all but stomachs, and we all but food."

Sat Jan 25 5:30PM (Pay What You Can) *Added preview
Sun Jan 26 5:30PM
Mon Jan 27 8:30PM
Tue Jan 28 8:30PM
Thu Jan 30 8:30PM
Fri Jan 31 8:30PM
Sat Feb 1 5:30PM
Sun Feb 2 5:30PM
Mon Feb 3 6:30PM
Tue Feb 4 6:30PM *Performance cancelled
Thu Feb 6 6:30PM
Fri Feb 7 6:00PM
Sat Feb 8 4:00PM
90 minutes (no intermission)



January 31, 2019

"Oh I'm just shooting into the blue sky."

One of Ibsen’s most iconic plays, Hedda Gabler is the portrayal of a woman trapped by society, her station, her body and her mind. This intimate production of 19th century realism will be brought to life in the parlour of the 1895 Dalnavert Museum in downtown Winnipeg by an all talented and all local team.

by Henrik Ibsen

a version by Per Brask

Director: Ray Strachan
Cast: Ian Bastin, Jane Burpee, Tom Keenan, Megan McArton, Ross McMillan, Charlene Van Buekenhout, and Alissa Watson

Thu Jan 31 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Fri Feb 1 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 2 7:00pm - SOLD OUT

Sun Feb 3 5:00pm - SOLD OUT
Mon Feb 4 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Tue Feb 5 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Thu Feb 7 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Fri Feb 8 7:00pm - - SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 9 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sun Feb 10 3:00pm - SOLD OUT
Mon Feb 11 8:30pm - SOLD OUT
Tue Feb 12 8:30pm - SOLD OUT

Thu Feb 14 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Fri Feb 15 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 16 7:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sun Feb 17 3:00pm - SOLD OUT

90 minutes
Warning: gunshots, themes and language surrounding self-harm

Tickets $20

In advance:
Visit https://heddagabler.brownpapertickets.com/
Call 204 223 6099 or email echoboxoffice@gmail.com
At the door:

Box Office opens 1 hour before showtime

Dracula Unearthed! REVAMPED

October 11, 2018

Dracula is BACK! This time REVAMPED to make this experience darker, with more rooms to explore, more interactive elements, and more chances to be alone in the classic old Victorian house. 

HAMLET (The Rest Is Silence)

July 18, 2018

“You are welcome to Elsinore.”

A personal and intimate exploration of fear, loss, regret and acting. A memory play, staged in the heart of the beautiful, historic Dalnavert Museum.

Images by jaymez.
Text by Shakespeare.
Conceived & Performed by Kevin Klassen 

Postcolonial Postcards

June 22, 2017

Looking for a different conversation for Canada’s infamous Sesquicentennial? 

This June, the Dalnavert Museum presents "Postcolonial Postcards" - part performance, part object theatre, part museum tour, part slide show, part installation!

Performances created by Ming Hon, Kevin Klassen, Frances Koncan, Jeanne Randolph, Charlene Van Buekenhout

Direction by Mia van Leeuwen

Lighting & Installations by Jaymez

With cooperation from Echo Theatre, vanSquared, Dalnavert Museum and

presented with generous support from The Winnipeg Foundation.

Audiences will travel the delicate and exotically Victorian rooms and experience a snapshot-like-postcard-scene, overturning expectations of the local environment and disrupting the traditional narrative before moving on to the next room. Come and discover the delightful complications of Postcolonial Postcards. Wish you were here! 

Tickets $15

June 22nd-30th 7 & 8:30pm (No show Mon/Tues)

Click on the button to find out more about the director Mia van Leeuwen and see pictures from the show!

February 17, 2017

An argument
A disappearance
A surfboard

“To the person reading this note, Agatha needs to go away for a bit. She’s unable to cope for now. Please, don’t worry yourself. She’ll return when she’s up to it.”

Follow Agatha Christie as she leads you from a proper Victorian parlour (literally) to the salty English seaside (theatrically) to solve a mystery of her own making.

For more info, and to check out our gorgeous show sponsors, amazing raffle prizes, and not to mention our crack team of artists, click the GO button below!

The Hunt - MAC Deep Bay Residency

August 08, 2016

Artistic Producer Charlene Van Buekenhout will be at Deep Bay this summer using the time and distraction free digs to come up with her latest endeavour. "The Hunt"will be a district wide theatre scavenger hunt using local history, heritage buildings, architecture, parks, businesses etc.

JONNO by Alix Sobler

“Which part made you think I like it?”


An angry new comedy about a famous radio personality.

And the women he assaults.

And Mr. Donkey Long-Ears: his only friend.

Inspired by TRUE EVENTS.


From the author of The Secret Annex; Some Things You Keep; She’s Not There; & The Cloud Factory

With Elena Anciro, Alicia Johnston, Rob McLaughlin, Ray Strachan, Stephanie Sy & Charlene Van Buekenhout


Directed by Kevin Klassen

For venue and times click:


June 19, 2016


DATE & TIME OF THE LAUNCH:  Sunday, June 19, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
LOCATION: Fools & Horses Coffee (379 Broadway)
The evening will include:
•    a preview excerpt from the play 
•    a Q & A with Alix and the cast, and guest moderator Mary Agnes Welch
•    guest speaker Lyndsay Hersikorn from the Sexual Assault Crisis Program at Klinik 
This is a free event, but seating is limited!
A direct reaction to events surrounding Jian Ghomeshi and his dismissal from CBC Radio, JONNO is an angry, visceral, fearless, thoughtful, provocative, and hilarious exploration of sexual violence, misogyny, feminism, celebrity culture, and corporate media.

Dr. Kellogg's System

June 04, 2016

A workshop of the play by Charlene Van Buekenhout in preparation for a full scale immersive, choose your own adventure theatre experiment. Coming Summer 2017.

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