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The Southern Michif Performers

In February of 2023, Philip Geller, along with Charlene Van Buekenhout, and Genevieve Toupin assembled a team of Metis theatre performers to explore language revitalization, acquisition process, and learning through the medium of theatre using the story "Doo-Pashkishiik Lii Padrii" by Heather Souter. With the knowledge of mother tongue speaker Gail Welburn, this story of partridge hunting in camperville all in Southern Michif resulted in a joyful, musical, silly, and powerful engagement of the Michif language for both audience and performer. Kichi Marsii to The Canada Council of The Arts for funding this activity.



To explore and experiment with language learning and acquisition through theatre and performance.

Left Photo by Leif Norman. Philip Geller, Ian Mozdzen, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Haley Vincent


To find opportunity to continue experimenting and exploring the potential for this process to engage learners and revitalize the Southern Michif language.

Right Photo by Leif Norman. Ian Mozdzen, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Haley Vincent, Li Padrii, and Genevieve Toupin on guitar.

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