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"And the train moves on..."

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Hedda just got married, had a 6 month honeymoon traveling abroad, and has moved straight into a dream mansion. There’s one problem. Hedda is bored. One of Ibsen’s most iconic plays, Hedda Gabler is the intimate and complicated portrayal of a woman trapped by society, her station, her body and her mind. In a version by local playwright Per Brask set in the 1950s, this unique production of 19th century realism will be brought to life nestled in the parlour of the beautiful 1895 mansion Dalnavert Museum in downtown Winnipeg.


Playwright: Henrik Ibsen

Version by: Per Brask

Director: Ray Strachan

Production designer/ SM: Heather Lee Brereton
Cast: Ian Bastin, Jane Burpee, Tom Keenan, Megan McArton, Ross McMillan, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Alissa Watson

Schedule: Thur Jan 31st, 7 pm | Fri Feb 1st, 7pmSat Feb.2nd, 7pm | Sun Feb 3rd, 5pm | Mon Feb 4th, 7pm | Tue Feb 5th, 7pm | Thur Feb 7th, 7pm | Fri Feb 8th, 7pm | Sat Feb 9th, 7pm | Sun Feb 10th, 3pm | Mon Feb 11th, 8:30pm | Tue Feb 12th, 8:30pm | Thur Feb 14th, 7pm | Fri Feb 15th, 7pm | Sat Feb 16th, 7pm | Sun Feb 17th, 3pm 

Limited ticket availability | Sold Out | Use Code: HEDDAHI5 for $5 off

January 31 - Feb 17th

Length: 90 Mins
Tickets: $20

gunshots, themes of self harm

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