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Jonno (Ray Strachan) is a narcissistic, deeply insecure radio personality/author who gets violent with the women he dates. He says he’s a feminist and that he "loves women." He says women just don’t "get him."

Most women have known men like Jonno, and that’s just one truth that playwright Alix Sobler drops in a searing play full of them.

Don't get too hung up on the source of inspiration for this show, though. It’s actually about four women — the estimable Stephanie Sy, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Elena Anciro and Alicia Johnston — who are taking back their power.

It’s a smart, challenging, and often harrowing piece that delves deep into current conversations about everything from victim-blaming to the ways in which women tear each other down for not doing feminism right — but it’s also very funny, too (Rob McLaughlin is wonderful as Mr. Donkey Long Ears).

Oh, and the satisfying ending will make you stand up and cheer. Whatever you do, don’t miss this show.

— Jen Zoratti


Reviewed By: John Gordon

July 17 2016

9:30pm, the reviewer is excitedly anticipating the latest work by playwright Alix Sobler. 9:40pm, the reviewer wonders how he did not know this was a show based on Jian Ghomeshi. We get inside the head of the perpetrator as he tries to justify his actions. We see the mental anguish of survivors as they try to make sense of something so senseless.10:45pm, the reviewer is brought to his feet after seeing this superbly written piece performed by exceptional actors. 10:50pm, the reviewer is hugging a friend that was triggered by the show. Reviewer decides to not go to another show but rather process. 11pm, friend and reviewer head to talk-back that follows show. 12:20am, reviewer heads home after a stirring and emotional conversation with the writer and performers. 2am, reviewer needs to write after having an emotional conversation with family. 4:30am, reviewer goes to sleep after  5 plus hours of processing and reflecting. This show is why I fringe. Go. Take your friends. Take your family. Process.

Venue #6- Tom Hendry Warehouse
Audience Classification: Mature
Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Graphic Violence, Trigger Warning For Survivors of Sexual Assault
Length: 75 Min
Tickets: $10

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