Echo Theatre is a fluid, artist driven company with a diverse and growing body of work. Our mandate is very simple: We exist to create intelligent, innovative and exciting theatre for all audiences. Projects are chosen to question how we experience theatre, how our senses inform and challenge our intellect to engage with theatre in a visceral way. Echo Theatre is moving into producing more projects that deal with the audience as an active member of the piece, driven by curiosity to explore the play like a detective, or to be pulled through the play by their gut instincts.

Echo Theatre is a member of WIT

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Echo has also experimented with historical horror theatre (Grand-Guignol) that, in its time, attempted and succeeded in frightening live audiences using heightened naturalistic violence.


Some highlights for Echo Theatre include: Stoppard’s part murder, farce, philosophy lecture play Jumpers (for which we shot a film to deal with a party scene involving actors who did not appear in the rest of the play, as well as engaging a Winnipeg cheerleading squad); David Mamet’s play for kids The Poet and the Rent; and Caryl Churchill’s challenging The Skriker (for which we had original projected animations, and a cast of 9 using Churchill’s fractured fairytale/ nursery rhyme language).


 Echo loves creative problem solving and we get to do that by choosing or creating plays that offer unique challenges.

As an Artistic Producer, I create my own original work as well as put up work by other artists. Recently, I experimented with a specific venue (the Ralph Connor House), writing a play where as many as three scenes were to be performed at the same time in different areas of the house.  The idea was to use curiosity as a stimulus that would propel an audience member to engage with the story, and discover and experience the narrative, in a variety and order of their own choosing. The experiment was successful, and an expanded version of the play (Dr. Kellogg’s System) and format is in the works.


Most recently Echo experimented with creating intimacy between audience and actor, play and experience, with Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. The play was performed in the living room of the Ralph Connor House in Westgate, which very closely resembled the setting for Coward’s play. Before and during the interval, a jazz singer sang Noel Coward songs while the audience could interact and grab a drink at the bar, creating a Coward-esque atmosphere.