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Volunteering with Echo Theatre means everything to us! We are an artist run company and do not have paid staff. Our volunteers help us by taking on some of these administrative tasks relieving our multi-tasking artists so they can concentrate on the task at hand. Please put "volunteer" in the subject line when you contact us using the contact form to the right if you want to join our team!


Box Office Representative:

-Duties include greeting audience members

-Providing show and venue related information

-Handling cash and reservations lists


Time Commitment: 1.5 hours 

Evening Box office opens at 7pm. Box office reps should be at the venue at 6:45pm

1st showing at 7:30pm

2nd showing at 8pm

Box office closes at 8:15pm

Matinee performances come in two shifts:

B.O for shift 1 opens at 12:30pm. Reps should plan to be at Dalnavert at 12:15pm. B.O Reps can leave at 2:15pm or watch the 2pm show.

B.O shift 2 opens at 3pm. Reps should arrive at 2:45pm

and can leave at 4:45pm or watch the 4:30pm show.


Volunteer Perks: See the 8pm show (or the later matinee) for free!



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